Situated in beautifull Klein Constantia, Cape Town,

Selsong Studio is a one man Pre-Production and Top Quality operation, run by


Selwyn is a multi-instrumentalist/producer/composer/arranger/singer, and is in the business of making
good sounds and good music in his friendly, homely studio.

As well as creating music for TV Commercials and documentaries, Selwyn caters particularly for songwriters of most styles who cannot play any instruments, or only play a little. He can, and will arrange and produce top quality recordings for you. Please get in touch to check out availability and prices



EQUIPMENT: Cubase SX5, Kurzweil PC1, Korg Trinity Plus, VST samplers and synths

Roland SC-55, and a trusty old Roland S-330 sampler

GUITARS: Fender Strat, Rickenbacker 4000 bass, Aria Accoustic with Line 6 Pod XT guitar FX

DRUMS: EZDrummer, Battery and assorted kits from the above keys

AS WELL AS: Behringer Mixer, KRK monitors, Behringer B3 Mic and Shure SM 57

Email or call 082 553 1154

for any bookings or just to find out more .