SelMate and Storm Thorgerson


We are proud to have had Storm Thorgerson conceive and create our logo and cover.

As you may well know, STORM was the creative powerhouse ( along with his partner Po ) behind Hipgnosis, who became famous in the late 60's 70' and 80's for their groundbreaking covers for bands such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Genesis and Yes, to name but a few.

Sadly our good friend Storm passed away. He is sadly missed.


28 February 1944 – 18 April 2013





A short description of this picture is probably in order.
Storm rose to the challenge of creating a SelMate image with his usual amazing insight..
He's created a picture which at first glance looks very simple.
A little inspection though reveals a depth to his thinking.

The picture is about the two members of SelMate, in individual punts, representing perhaps different continents, or countries (UK and South Africa), the water is the flow of the Internet and the bird cage being passed back and forth is the songs we make.

The bird cage suggests bird/song = music.
The cage = Cell - could be suggesting the ambiguity to the pronunciation
of our name SelMate, (Selwyn + Mate), CellMate?
So as we work over the internet, creating our music, this picture is a brilliant representation of that process.

One additional little secret: the colors of the Red and White shirts and the Green water are the colors of the Hungarian flag!!! A special little touch, that couldn't be avoided!!!